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  • Jesse Michael, 32 from Spring, TX
    32, Spring, TX
    I play and watch sports. Soccer, baseball, football, boxing, basketball and ufc. Travel from time to time. I enjoy being outdoors most of the time . I enjoy being at home.
  • Noura, 34 from Cairo, EG
    34, Cairo, EG
    About me in progress or currently unavailable...
  • Charlotte, 34 from Lima District, PE
    34, Lima District, PE
    Hi, I'm Charlotte but everybody call me ICha. I'm a teacher at Catholic school and I teach third grade. I love my job. I speak English and French. I live with my mom in a beau...
  • Daniel, 31 from Pasadena, CA
    31, Pasadena, CA
    I am a Catholic lay man trying to build a small business. I teach high school to make ends meet while gathering a clientele for my private practice in marriage and family ther...
  • Kelly, 31 from Kissimmee, FL
    31, Kissimmee, FL
    What are you passionate about, what do you look forward to the most? I love being with My Family, Going out to dinner, going to the movies or going for coffee. What experie...
  • John, 28 from Coventry, GB
    28, Coventry, GB
    Just wanted to try this out, see if there's anyone out there I can connect with. Not sure how active I'll be here though so I apologise if you message me and I don't respond.
  • Ajaye, 28 from Abuja, NG
    28, Abuja, NG
    Praying and looking forward to a time were every nation in the world live in peace. A time were everyone live in harmony in any part of the world. A generation that have hunge...
  • Jalesia, 25 from Baton Rouge, LA
    25, Baton Rouge, LA
    Hi I am a 25yo outgoing woman with 2 beautiful children. My focus in life is to raise my children with God's guidance and continue to pursue my goals. I love romance and spon...
  • Gabriela, 27 from Buenos Aires, AR
    27, Buenos Aires, AR
    About me in progress or currently unavailable...
  • Sinta, 33 from Pangkal Pinang, ID
    33, Pangkal Pinang, ID
    About me in progress or currently unavailable...
  • Ginika, 27 from Lagos, NG
    27, Lagos, NG
    I am a very interesting person, who uses her time, energy and other resources to make the world around me a better place. I participate in a number of charitable causes. I loo...
  • Christopher, 34 from Toronto, ON, CA
    34, Toronto, ON, CA
    About me in progress or currently unavailable...
  • Charles, 25 from Lynchburg, VA
    25, Lynchburg, VA
    Oh, how does one sum up their life in a small space, 2500 characters will barely scratch the surface of the life that I lead and that the accomplishments and hopes that I hav...
  • Adam, 33 from Fort Worth, TX
    33, Fort Worth, TX
    Life can be crazy, but I think I've got enough sense to navigate :) I am passionate about the great outdoors, fine art, and personal relationships. All of these things, and mo...
  • Aslan, 25 from Lansing, IL
    25, Lansing, IL
    I have a strong work ethic and a commitment to God. I look forward to completing my engineering degree so that I can start a family. The most influential people in my life are...
  • Susan, 34 from Mombasa, KE
    34, Mombasa, KE
    The things I'm passionate about are my faith,healthy living,being able to live my life as God wants me to.Travelling and living out of Africa for a long period where I had to ...
  • Osmai, 30 from Cleveland, TN
    30, Cleveland, TN
    About me in progress or currently unavailable...
  • Mario, 33 from Batavia, IL
    33, Batavia, IL
    I am down to earth. I'm the comidian of the family. I make everyone laugh every time. My family & friends are very important to me. Hard worker & never afraid of doing any kin...
  • Matthew, 29 from Pittsburgh, PA
    29, Pittsburgh, PA
    I've recently moved from Toronto, Ontario to Pittsburgh, where I'm currently working towards a degree at Duquesne. I also work in the mental health field serving families in t...
  • Luis Daniel Hernandez, 34 from Morovis, PR
    34, Morovis, PR
    I'm passionate about agriculture and everything that is a give from Mother Nature and God. My two sons are the most influential people in my life. They taught me about pure lo...